Tour Operators

For this category of companies we are able to offer cross-consulting, ranging from the creation of the product to the training of the staff, to managing the relationship with customers (Travel Agencies or Network), to handling the final customer. Oltretutto Global Solutions offers the following services:

  • Support in selecting suppliers
  • Identification and selection of the product (Hotels, land arrangements and itineraries)
  • Staff training on specific destinations
  • Sales staff training
  • Designing and launching a Business Division or a Brand or a specific destination
  • Customer selection support: Travel agencies or Network
  • Support selecting the staff (no recruiting)
  • Operational management of end customers and consultancy for complex destinations or itineraries
  • Strategic support for marketing activities
  • Theme nights events for travel agents or end customers
  • Support for the sales team

Our in-depth knowledge of many destinations around the world allows us to candidate for specific activities pertaining to: Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, Vietnam, Singapore, Laos, China, Japan, India, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Namibia , Mauritius, Seychelles, Maldives, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Israel, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Armenia, Turkey, Italy, Greece, Tunisia, Mexico, Egypt, Europe, Mexico, Canada, United States, Caribbean, Pacific Ocean, Australia.

SUPPLIERS’ SELECTION SUPPORT: It ranges from the analysis of the product and the identification of suppliers to the signing of contracts for the supply of services. We make careful choices in line with the needs of the company we represent and only after a thorough study of the operational process and subsequently to a verification of the technological tools available. Among the various activities we also can help identifying adequate on-site assistance.

PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION AND SELECTION (hotels, land arrangements, itineraries): In this context we will go more into details of programs, supervising the itineraries setup and the selection of hotels to be published and promoted. We will suggest the methodologies and the marketing techniques to be pursued and the guidelines for the promotion and commercialization of your products.

TRAINING: We offer an in-depth knowledge of some destinations and we have skills that allow us to ensure effective training within the booking, product and commercial departments of a tour operator. We can also support the company in external activities with customers, may they be travel agents or end customers. Oltretutto Global Solutions can effectively stimulate sales by offering innovative support and training in order to increase sales performance.

DESIGN AND LAUNCH OF A COMPANY DIVISION OR A BRAND OR A SPECIFIC DESTINATION We are able to assist Tour Operators who intend to launch new projects, products or even new brands or specific destinations in the market. We can follow the setup and also the design of these products, actively taking care of the promotion and strategic marketing support.

SUPPORT IN THE SELECTION OF STAFF (no recruiting): Our consolidated knowledge of the Italian market allows us to help customers looking for staff to hire. Our areas of intervention are: product planning, sales, marketing and booking departments. We are not a recruiting agency but we can give advice, thanks to our direct and indirect experience, suggesting possible candidates depending on your needs.

END CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT AND CONSULTANCY FOR DESTINATIONS OR COMPLEX ITINERARIES: For those Tour Operators wishing to offer assistance or guarantee specific competences on specific destinations, Oltretutto Global Solutions is able to operate as a consultant in the planning trips or holidays, interacting directly with the final clientele. Our task is exhausted when the customers confirm the proposal that has been submitted and after all the activities of collection and payment of suppliers have been completed.