Events Organization

Events, presentations, business meetings with your clients, Oltretutto Global Solutions has extensive experience in the organization of these activities and in conducting presentations aimed at promoting products or brands. Our team is able to provide customers with an experience and a quantity of contents that can be used for promotional and marketing activities. Marco Cisini, founder of Oltretutto Global Solution for years has stood out for his qualities as a communicator and on many occasions has organized and conducted effective presentations that have allowed to increase the reputation of the brands he represented, inducing greater confidence in the product and services offered.

Oltretutto Global Solution can offer:

EVENTS ORGANIZATION: Our experience in the organizational field allows us to apply, as a consultant for companies and individuals, to the organization of evenings or business meetings. Our knowledge of locations, destinations and hotels worldwide, will grant a competitive and at the same time innovative service. Turn an event into a precious opportunity to make your product, your services, an anniversary or your brand memorable, contact Oltretutto Global Solutions and we will turn your ambitions into reality.

EVENTS MANAGEMENT: Through the experience of Marco Cisini, we are able to support companies by offering different formats for business meetings aimed at promoting brands, products or services to end customers or internal staff.