Independent hotels and small hotels chains

For these customers we offer Sales & Marketing services, we take care of representing them during trade fairs, signing contracts with customers all over the world and stimulating strategic marketing by offering social services on the main social networks. Our support is made up of:

SALES & MARKETING: Oltretutto Global Solutions can take full responsibility of the operational and strategic activities of sales and promotion to end customers and to the trade, supporting on-line strategic activities on the main booking platforms (i.e. Booking, Expedia, Agoda, Direct with Hotels, etc.). Relying on Oltretutto Global Solutions allows you to have a team at your disposal, dedicated to improving sales and increasing profits.

STRATEGIC MARKETING AND SOCIAL MEDIA SUPPORT: We are able to offer a package of services and activities to increase the hotel or hotel chain visibility on social networks, as well as creating greater brand awareness both online and off-line. We follow the launch of new hotels or brands in the market, taking care of the graphic image and design of the entire project. Oltretutto Global Solutions is the ideal partner to innovate and attract the right curiosity about the product you are imagining.

DOES THE SERVICE YOU PROVIDE REFLECT THE PROMISES YOU MADE? Oltretutto Global Solutions has defined methodologies that make it possible to verify whether the service provided in the hotel structure is in line with the “promises” made to the customer during marketing and promotion activities. For hotels it is really important that the balance between what you advertise and what customers experience during their stay is correct, differently this will have a major impact on customers satisfaction and the consequences for the hotel may be negative. We verify whether this harmony between promise and service exists and indicate which corrective measures should be implemented in the case that it does not. Oltretutto Global Solutions is a thermometer that allows you to check the quality of your work and an effective test to improve your hotel’s efficiency.