Hotel Management Companies

For private investors, investment funds and / or for small and / or large Management Companies, Oltretutto Global Solutions is a valid support able to offer assistance and consultancy for two specific activities:

  • Assistance to private entrepreneurs or investment funds in the selection of the correct Managment Company to entrust with their hotel structure
  • Support Hotel Management Companies in their strategic expansion

ASSISTANCE TO PRIVATE ENTREPRENEURS OR INVESTMENT FUNDS IN THE SELECTION OF THE CORRECT MANAGEMENT COMPANY: This service is offered by Oltretutto Global Solutions to entrepreneurs or investment funds that have made real estate acquisitions in the world and contemplate activities of modernization of the structure and therefore a new positioning of the hotel product in the market. We have contacts with all the major international brands of Hospitality Management and we are responsible for identifying the correct one to be proposed. We support our client through the contractual phase with our experience.

SUPPORT IN THE EXPANSION ACTIVITY FOR COMPANIES THAT WORK IN HOTEL MANAGEMENT: We offer this service to Hotel Managment companies that are willing to expand their portfolio of managed facilities worldwide. We are primarily responsible for selecting and presenting possible candidate hotels, then we will contact the selected and approved hotels, trying to have a direct dialogue with their owners or with top management in order to submit the candidature of the management company.

We collaborate with primary companies in this sector with which we have built relationships of mutual satisfaction.