How Oltretutto Global Solutions was born

Quite often our professional experiences, our awareness of the relationships we have built in the course of our career, the trips we have made and the ones we have lived through other people tales, the hotels we have stayed in, and those – sometimes the same ones – that we have visited just so  to market them, all end up becoming an incredible baggage which only our memory can deal with.

Analyzing my professional career and that of some friends with whom I’ve had the privilege of working, I realized that by putting together our different professional experiences, our networks of people and our individual skills, we could build a a company whose main purpose would be to help other companies grow, simply by offering our advice and capitalize these important assets.

Even the choice of the name is not accidental: “oltretutto” (moreover) is an adverb, a word that is used to reinforce the meaning of a previous concept and for how ​​this company’s concept was born seems the perfect word, the one that best represents the idea to capitalize “the professional experiences” by different people over the years, who “moreover” have never stopped loving their job.

Marco Cisini


We are a group of professionals working in the tourism sector. We offer our services and consultancy to companies and individuals in the field of hospitality real estate, hotel management, sales and marketing, tour operating and independent hotel facilities. We are driven by the desire to serve a qualified clientele and proposing our network of relationships, contacts, knowledge and skills in the hospitality and organized tourism sectors. Oltretutto Global Solutions consultancy services can factively contribute to the achievement of important objectives.


We do market analysis, we help select customers, refine the product and identify potential areas of expansion. We offer a structured and effective service and we have an important range of relationships – both quantitatively as well as qualitatively – in the world of hospitality.


  • Market analysis and strategic evaluations over the medium term
  • Analysis of competitiveness
  • Support in assessing the quality of the delivered services


  • Support in the selection of suppliers
  • Identification and selection of the product (hotels, services and itineraries)
  • Staff training over specific destinations


  • Assistance to private entrepreneurs or investment funds in the selection of the correct Managment Company to entrust with their hotel structure
  • Support to Hotel Management Companies in their strategic expansion

Oltretutto Travel Writer

Oltrettuto Travel Writer is our blog, created by tireless travelers who have the desire to turn travel experiences all around the world into exciting stories were ideas and insights for new trips are triggered.


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